NORMS Thanks Its Fans With a 72-Cent Anniversary Breakfast

And it's a big breakfast, too: The 72-Cent Breakfast Special will be available for three delicious hours on Oct. 20, in honor of the chain's 72nd birthday.

NORMS Restaurants

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Oct. 20 from 6 to 9 a.m.
  • The Breakfast Special will be priced at 72 cents for three tasty hours (dine-in only)
  • One hotcake, bacon, and scrambled eggs; one order per customer

They don't make breakfast bouquets (or at least we suspect they'd be pretty tricky to find, and sticking petite pancakes on the end of stems isn't advisable), and sending bacon-scented balloons feels like it might be a step too far.

Which leaves the remaining question: How do you properly party in honor of a breakfast bastion's 72nd anniversary?

Well, stopping by for to partake in its famously hearty fare, and to wish the restaurant well, seems like the perfectly savory solution.

And if you're getting to enjoy the savings, too? That's pretty much as amazing as receiving a bunch of bacon-scented balloons.

NORMS Restaurants is that bastion o' breakfast, and lunch and dinner, too, that we're happily hailing, and here is why: The Southern California diner chain, beloved for its big meals, mid-century charms, and friendly employees, is turning 72 with a deal for its fans.

And here it is: Stop by your favorite NORMS location on Wednesday, Oct. 20 from 6 to 9 a.m. and enjoy the Breakfast Special for, oh syrup-topped joy, 72 cents.

A few things to know? There are no substitutions for this classic breakfast offering, so, yep, those eggs'll be scrambled. Also on the plate? A hotcake and two strips of bacon.

Also, this is a deal created for dine-in customers, keep in mind. Also important to know? This is a one-per-customer kind of thing, for sure.

Talk about getting over a Hump Day with a hankering met: Seven dimes, two pennies, and a perfect plate of breakfast-y goodness, courtesy of NORMS.

But wait: There's more NORMS news, like the fact that several limited-time dishes are debuting on the menu as October begins.

Chilaquiles Verdes, Breakfast Tacos, and an Adobada Steak Dinner are three of the choices (nope, they're not part of the Oct. 20 deal, but you can enjoy them, at their regular prices, over the coming cooler months).

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