Dine LA Restaurant Week Is Back With Big Flavors, Deals

Hundreds of area eateries are participating in the food-tacular, which will take place over two eat-out, enjoy-saving weeks.

Alexander Spatari

What to Know

  • Oct. 1-15, 2021
  • Hundreds of participating restaurants in dozens of SoCal neighborhoods; take-out is an option at some spots, but do check ahead
  • Prix fixe lunch menus start at $15

Splash-worthy supping doesn't always equal a lengthy row of dollar signs, even if it can sometimes seem that way.

There are creative routes to give adventurous gourmands chances to try fresh tastes, or at least fresh-to-us tastes, all while folding in foodie flair and plenty of variety, too.

Restaurant Weeks always help on both fronts. They're super ways to save on multi-course meals, and to stop by a novel place that looks like it has the amazing noms (whatever "amazing noms" means to you).

And if you're looking to swing by a novel restaurant from Oct. 1-15, or perhaps a longtime favorite, you're in some sort of appetite-stoking luck: Dine LA Restaurant Week is back, with hundreds of participating dine-out gems joining the Fall 2021 event.

There are a number of classics on the list, those been-around-for-decades bastions of excellent cookery, as well as newer players, like Sightglass Hollywood, Agnes Restaurant & Cheesery, and All Day Baby, dining destinations that debuted over the last couple of years.

Knowing what you'll pay before you arrive is one of the blissful bits to this every-so-often occurrence, for the participants of Dine LA do share their prix fixe lunch and dinner menus, what each includes, and the price on this site.

Not every participant is offering a Dine LA lunch, keep in mind, even if they have a dinner offering in the works. But several are, and the lunch prices at most places fall in the $15-$25 range, though there may be exceptions.

Some favorites, like mdk noodles, have lunch and dinner offerings that both boast the same price point (in this case, each is $35). Exploring what is out there, what is currently tempting or intriguing you, and what you'd like to sup upon is part of the Dine LA spirit.

"It's fantastic to see Los Angeles' restaurant industry rebounding in the face of such continued adversity," says Stacey Sun, Executive Director of Dine LA.

"We've witnessed the eagerness of LA's dining communities to support their favorite restaurants as well as discover new culinary vibes to enjoy with friends and loved ones."

"Dine LA Fall 2021 Restaurant Week represents an opportunity to encourage locals and visitors alike to continue to support the city’s restaurants with more special meals out."

What are you hankering? Where are you located or where would you like to go? You can search by neighborhood, cuisine, and price on the Dine LA site. Finding out whether take-out is an option? That's also clearly stated on this helpful roster.

Happy Dine LA Fall 2021, lovers of new vittles, trusted tastes, and fresh foodie fun times that don't arrive with a string of dollar signs in tow.

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