Bird LA Day: Picnics, Walks, Talks

Bird-watching expeditions, garden tours, rescue open houses, and more feathery doings are flapping this way.

When you head out in the morning into a bright Southern California day, you know you'll likely encounter A) the sounds and sights of cars and B) some soft sunshine or C) May Gray, if it is May and overcast and C) a few briny breezes, if you're near the ocean. 

You'll also, whether you notice or not, come across a representative, or many, of the avian world. Whether you see a crow strutting down your street, or hear the call of a gull, or spy a hummingbird dancing around a flower, you're seeing a small sliver of SoCal's vast and beautiful catalog of epic birdage.

That epic birdage is front-and-feathered — er, front-and-centered — during Bird LA Day, a one-day wing wingding that sends bird buffs out on a host of field trips, walks, observations, and tours. 

There are more than 50 happenings throughout LA County on Saturday, May 6, so coming in for a landing on one of them — in other words, picking your favorite event — is all you really need to do.

But the choices are charming and thus difficult: There's the International Bird Rescue Open House, an Intro to Birding in Franklin Canyon, a Hansen Dam Bird Walk, Bird Yoga at The G2 Gallery and Veda Yoga, an Origami Bird Folding Workshop at the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants, and bird nest identification at the Norton Simon Museum.

Wait, bird yoga? Why yes. While there's no actual flying during the session (though, perhaps, your spirit shall), you will perform poses and asanas as you listen to bird-lovely soundscapes.

The Audubon network is behind the get-out, appreciate-nature event, and the "...majority of events are family-friendly and free-of-charge!"

The Scene

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Some happenings do have a ticket link, so as you peruse the event list, just give that a click should the to-do interest you.

We'll just go out on a limb (bird joke) and guess that if you're an avian aficionado, everything about Bird LA Day will fascinate and tempt.

We live among birds here every day, and whether we see them or hear them, we're aware that these descendents of dinosaurs have their own full worlds and lives lived closely alongside our own.

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