Bite Into the Butteriest Rolls on National Lobster Day

The decadent food holiday is June 15, which gives us time to locate the most luscious lobster rolls in town.

Connie & Ted's
  • June 15 is National Lobster Day
  • Connie & Ted's in West Hollywood serves both cold and hot lobster rolls
  • Southern California's large lobster festivals traditionally take place in late August and September

It's June, which we could also refer to as September Eve Eve Eve, if we wanted to be a bit outlandish, and even a little annoying (though charmingly so, we hope).

But how can we not dream of September? It's when so many large-scale lobster festivals claw their way back onto the Southern California foodie calendar, giving LA-based seafoodies ample and appetizing opportunities to indulge in their favorite indulgent dish.

And if we really dig into the lobster outlook, we might even find a few August events, those eat-big-wear-a-bib bashes centered on succulent supping.

August, however, is still in the distance, and National Lobster Day is nigh. So nigh it is happening on June 15, which will surely inspire more than a few local lobsterists to seek out their favorite dish.

You can go with a traditional, full-scale meal, the kind with all of the fancy sides, or you can find that superstar of New England coastal cuisine: the lobster roll.

It's a somewhat humble but deeply unbasic classic, a sandwich that can be cold, hot, or somewhere in the mouthwatering middle.

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Calling this icon a sandwich might rankle some longtime devotees, we acknowledge, so let's call it a roll that fills a central role in the hankerings of seafood fans everywhere.

Slaw-like elements can add mayo-style panache to this regal roll, or you can go straight to the melted butter, gobs of soft and oozy butter, which plenty of fans regularly do.

Where to find both? At Connie & Ted's, the West Hollywood eatery that serves both takes on the tempting roll.

The restaurant, which will mark its 9th anniversary this month, has become well-known for flying top-notch crustaceans in from Massachusetts. That happens biweekly, so diners know they're getting straight-from-the-Atlantic (or nearly) lobsters, however they choose to order their rolls.

The buns, by the by, are all made at the restaurant, and all of those moist, binding, wipe-the-plate condiments, the unsung heroes of every lobster roll?

Those, too, are from-scratch favorites, with one exception: The Heinz ketchup, which Michael Cimarusti, the owner and chef of Connie & Ted's, has a soft spot for (mmm).

Eager to check out all of the briny bites on the menu? Check it out now.

And while National Lobster Day is indeed on June 15, you can find your cold and/or hot lobster rolls every day of the week at the establishment.

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