Boo at the LA Zoo's Now Chomping Pumpkins

Well, some animals are chomping pumpkins, but there's plenty for people to do around the not-so-eerie animal park.

What to Know

  • Through Oct. 27, 2019
  • With paid admission
  • Look for "special entertainment and activities on weekends"

During the month of October? You can accurately state that some people around town are decorating pumpkins, and carving pumpkins, and baking pumpkin pies, and sticking stickers all over pumpkins, and adding pumpkins to their front porches.

But if you want to talk pumpkin-chomping, you're probably talking about one place: the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Because that's where hungry chompers are chowing down on delicious pumpkins, and other autumn-ready eats, before amazed visitors. And by "chompers," of course, we mean hippos and gorillas and the other residents of the zoo.

Pumpkin-chomping isn't the only thing happening at Boo at the LA Zoo, the annual Octobertime event that takes place throughout the animal park.

As for the daily Boo to-dos? There's the Spooky Stroll, which has the "frightfully Boo-tiful photo ops," and the Mystery Maze, which is made from hay bales.

As for The Lair? You know that is going to be something not to hiss, er, miss. Yep, there shall be snakes, and lizards, and other scale-rocking superstars.

Do note that weekends have some extra-eeky happenings, like Swazzle's Monster Menagerie Puppet Show and Creature Craft.

And there shall be trick-or-treating over the last two weekends of October, sweet.

Slither on over to the schedule now, to plan when you'll do the Boo. Keep in mind it all slithers away a few days ahead of Halloween, wrapping up on Oct. 27.

You yourself may not be sinking your toofers into an XL pumpkin any time soon, but you can see how critters who choose to chomp go about going after a gourd.

Chomp, chomp, chomp this, animal-loving October aficionados.

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