Bookworms, Stay Cozy: LitFest Pasadena Is Virtual (and Free)

The venerable celebration of authors and stories will take place, online, over two tale-packed days.


What to Know

  • May 15 and 16, noon to 6 p.m. via Facebook and YouTube
  • Look for a dozen panels covering a host of genres
  • Book buffs can also enjoy "readings, screenings, and surprises" plus a host of author appearances

Paging through a thrilling book while wearing your most pressed, prim, and buttoned-up outfit?

You've probably done it, and it was absolutely fine, and the twists of the tale kept you well-engaged, even if, sartorially, you weren't exactly rocking your most stretchy, lounge-around clothing.

But fleeces, flannels, and fabulous novels go together like a tight plot and well-realized characters, and being able to be supremely snuggly as we delve into a written romance or potboiler or mystery is really the most ideal approach of all.

Which makes the upcoming virtual version of LitFest Pasadena so perfect for those book buffs who'd like to stay in the elastic-rocking togs they usually wear while savoring a cover-to-cover thriller.

The venerable book festival, which celebrates authors, readers, and sublime stories, will appear fully online on Saturday, May 15 and Sunday, May 16.

It's free to tune in, too, another sweet plot point in this real-life narrative.

Look for a dozen author-awesome panels, as well as a dozen "interludes," meaning that "readings, screenings, and surprises" will also be front-and-centered during the fest.

"Untangling the Family Story," "Writing While Black," and "Our SoCal DNA" are three of the panel themes; literature for kids, graphic novels, and true crime will also be explored.

The Light Bringer Project, which also is behind locally loved events like the Doo Dah Parade, is helming the happening.

For all of the authors, times, and how to watch, visit the LitFest Pasadena site now.

But will you stay in your snugglies for the whole celebration? If that's normally how you like to approach a book, in total and complete comfort, why not delve into this delight of a book fest the same way, from the coziness of your couch?

Perhaps you'll discover a few new or new-to-you authors and books during the word-strong weekend, the sort of fresh finds you'll enjoy while pajama'd in the months and years to come.

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