Buzz by a Live Honey Harvest, in Santa Monica

Hive you been wanting to know more about how honey combs, er, comes to bee? Er, be?

What to Know

  • The Gourmandise School
  • Sunday, Aug. 4 from 2 to 4 p.m.
  • $65

There may be a lot of honey flowing through your day, most any day of the week.

You might call a loved one "honey," or sing in a honeyed voice in the shower, or pick something out to wear in a honey-ish shade (think of the exact hue where yellow, gold, and orange meet).

And, yes, you probably love to drizzle a tablespoon or two of nature's stickiest gift on your peanut butter toast.

But can you describe how exactly honey, as in the bee-utifully viscous substance currently residing in a bear-shaped bottle in your pantry, comes to be? And have you ever watched a honey harvest?

You can, if you sign up for what's happening at The Gourmandise School on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 4.

Beekeeper Robin Jones will stop by Santa Monica Place to lead a live and info-packed demonstration on the gathering of the goopy gold.

That means an actual comb'll be in the house, oh yeah, for the live honey harvesting.

And the buzz-worthy topics to be covered include "... various uncapping techniques, looking for pollen, uncovering how honey is made, discovering the nutritional and medicinal benefits of honey, all about propolis, how wax is made, spinning the frame, and harvesting the honey."

Any questions you have will also bee, er, be addressed during the two-hour seminar.

Does honey make you happy on a daily basis? Time to get the backstory on the tasty and incredible substance, a comb-cool find that has aided humankind for millennia. 

Admission is $65, so buzz by this site, pronto and stick a stinger into your ticket, quick as a bee flies.

Oh, and one more yummy thing? If you want to go home with a jar of honey, be sure to have an extra $15 tucked under your wing.

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