Buzz-Making Video: Downtown by Drone

Ian Wood went GoPro and revealed building tops, signage.

In which direction would you say people mostly gaze, when they're engaging in gazing, around Southern California?

If they're in Hollywood looking at the cement handprints in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre, or at the Walk of Fame stars, that direction is distinctly down.

If they're at the beach? Gazes ares even and very forward, given that the horizon is best admired in a straight-ahead manner.

But downtown? We're all looking up at every chance we get. There are all of those magnificent murals and tile tops -- Los Angeles is a city of art and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise -- and the noir-cool rooftop signage that's weathered the better part of a century.

Orpheum sign, we're looking at you and your wee theatrical mask detail on this one. Or at least it is wee when seen from the ground.

But how about straight on?

A new video that lifts views up to those signs and murals and building tip-tops is making the viral rounds, and it is quite the stunner: Ian Wood, "a professional technologist" and "amateur aerial videographer," secured a GoPro camera to a drone and sent it up the Orpheum and above Walt Disney Concert Hall and, yes, by the Orpheum's rooftop marquee.

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Downtown Los Angeles from Ian Wood on Vimeo.

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