Car Wash Dance Performance

The Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre is set to leap/twist at Santa Palm Car Wash.

If you've ever scanned a list of suggestions on how to live a happier, fuller life, you likely encountered tips like "smile more" and "listen to music" and "dance in public, like no one is watching."

Many of us do actually tap a toe while at the market or the doctor, depending upon what's playing on the sound system, but we've never leaped onto the hood of a car at a car wash, or twirled around the folding shelf at a laundromat, or shimmied upon the upper reaches of a building's fire escape.

Performers from the LA-based Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre have, however, with joy and carefree-o-sity and skill and theatricality. The troupe, which recently told a whole love story, via dance, at various points around town, is returning to one of its favorite works, a piece first staged at 1993.

The Saturday, May 7 performance is at a car wash -- the Santa Palm in West Hollywood -- and it takes place on top and around a car -- a Cadillac Coupe de Ville, vintage, direct from the 1970s.

"Parts & Labor" ponders our auto-obsessed love affair and the ways we weave our lives around our beloved vehicles.

In addition to the dancers, the band Antenna Repairman "will mic the car and play it."

It's provocative, visual, and oh-so-SoCal-y stuff, for sure, and all at a car wash to boot.

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You've probably hummed along to some Top 40 or rock while waiting for your truck to get a soapy scrub-down, and you may have even swung a hip to the song, too.

But this is full-on dance at a place that doesn't normally double as a stage. Pirouette in public? The Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre does it often, with aplomb, in the sorts of unlikely locations one wouldn't expect it. 

The result? A fabulous dance presentation with a sprinkling of surprise on top.

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