Casa Vega: 60th Anniversary Lunch Special

Dine like it is 1956 at the Ventura Boulevard staple.

If you dined out quite a bit back in 1956, what sort of prices did you pay for your meal?

That depends, of course, on whether you ordered a porterhouse steak with all the fixings or cup of celery soup, true. But it is also true to say that the dollar bills you left with the check, and the coins you dropped in the tray, were far fewer in number than what dine-outers pay nowadays.

Casa Vega, that neon-sign'd, low-lit, salsa-spicy landmark at the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Fulton Avenue, invites you to enjoy the pleasure of paying a whole lot less for a classic lunch, whether or not you were around back in '56.

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The landmark Mexican eatery turned 60 in 2016, with a Thursdays-only "Taco & Tequila" promotion that was on the money-saving end of things, too (guests at the Valley restaurant nabbed a grilled chicken taco for six dimes during the springtime run).

But the keep-your-cash savings are back, for one day only, on Thursday, Oct. 6. Swing by for lunch, order the sizable House Combo #1, and pay two dollars and fifteen cents.

Let's just put that out there, once more, with a strong spotlight upon it: $2.15, which was the price in 1956 for this quintessential combination. If you're thinking you'll chow down on Spanish rice and refried beans, as well as two items (a beef taco or chicken taco or chile relleno or beef enchilada are your choices), you're on the right path.

The 2016 House Combo price, which will go back in effect after the 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. lunchtime on Oct. 6? Why that's $18.95.

It's like your own taco-delicious time machine, for a couple of hours, with a side of hearty beans and Casa Vega's famous dimmed-illumination interior, with design touches ranging from wrought iron to romantic paintings to those '50s-iconic deep booths.

Of course, keep in mind that you'll want to leave a tip that reflects the House Combo's 2016 price, so stow some extra cash for that. And, of course, for a margarita, if you like margaritas, for Casa Vega has become as synonymous with the libation as salt-lined rims are to cut limes.

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