Cherry Kool-Aid Chicken Sandwiches to Debut at LA County Fair

It's the latest quirky creation from Chicken Charlie's.

LA County Fair

You can pair one type of food with another type of food, all to create a novel dish, but you surely have to know this, if you know offbeat eats: Chances are as good as a county fair is festive that Charlie Boghosian, the founder of Chicken Charlie's, has already dreamt up the dining experience you're attempting.

For Mr. Boghosian's famous Chicken Charlie's at the Fair has become a Golden State go-to for outlandish and outlandishly appetizing meals, with deep-fried candy bars, chicken sandwiches that boast doughnuts in the place of traditional buns, and other that-is-so-strange-but-so-good goodies regularly popping up at local county fairs.

Lovers of pretty and preposterous treats eagerly await the unveiling of the newest Chicken Charlie's offering, and when a major county fair is on the horizon they won't have to wait long.

So prepare yourself, lovers of sweet-meets-savory sandwiches, for a Cherry Kool-Aid Chicken Sandwich will be on the Chicken Charlie's line-up when the Los Angeles County Fair opens on May 5, 2022.

True, you may have sipped a glass of Kool-Aid while partaking in a chicken sandwich in the past, but did you savor both simultaneously, in one zesty mouthful?

Here's your chance, seekers of cheery chow-down opportunities.

The Pomona party is wrapping its two-year hiatus, a break taken due to the pandemic. The fair did return in a "bite-sized" way, in September 2021, for a food festival, one that happened on a smaller scale.

Now the Maytime festival will be displaying its full fair flair, with all of the fanciful details fans have come to expect from the extravaganza, with an emphasis on "extra."

It is, after all, the LA County Fair's centennial celebration, and pulling out all the stops?

That's a big go, and the new Cherry Kool-Aid Chicken Sandwich is sure to be one of the buzziest offerings on the fair fare line-up.

Of course, several other tempting delectables will also appear on the 2022 Chicken Charlie's menu, including a Deep-Fried Chimichanga with Buffalo Chicken and Mac 'n Cheese.

For fans of Chicken Charlie's Table in Rancho Bernardo, north of San Diego, these inventive spins on the standards we know and love, seen at various county fairs, will not surprise.

What will surprise people who try out this zingy nosh, which is $17.95, with a side of fries?

It rocks a cherry-red hue, as its name suggests, making it perfect for a quick photo before that first bite.

And consider this: We've long topped chicken sandwiches with grilled peaches, apples, green chile, and other fruits; surely it was only a matter of time before a nostalgic beverage from childhood made a colorful cameo?

LA County Fair will go "Back to Our Roots," all to celebrate 100 years of fun, from May 5 through 30, 2022.

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