Chicks and Bunnies Are Hippity-Hopping in Moorpark

Springtime on the Farm at Underwood Family Farms will summon springtime sweetness, and animal-cute sights, beyond the holiday.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Springtime on the Farm, an annual celebration
  • Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark
  • Through April 11, 2021; admission available at the gate

Some people prefer their Easter morning to boast a bit of cheerful chirping, while other revelers go for some long-earred hippity-hopping.

People calling upon Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark will find both, thanks to the adorable presence of both newly born checks and sizable hares, two of the many feathery and furry residents of the destination's Animal Center.

But even if you can't commune with the Flemish Giants or beak-beautiful cuties on April 4, which is Easter in 2021, you can still find spring-style activities, including some built around the holiday, happening through Sunday, April 11.

For Underwood Family Farms is taking the Easter-style sweetness right through to April 11.

That's when Springtime on the Farm, Underwood's annual March-April festivity, concludes.

So you still have several days to delight in the coo-able babies of the Animal Center (including some gorgeous little goats) and to enjoy a number of effervescent activities, all in the open air.

Those include roaming an Easter Story Labyrinth, chances to take snapshots alongside giant eggs, a giant Easter basket to admire, and lots of under-the-sky larks.

Think tractor-drawn wagon rides, a combine slide, hay pyraminds, and more.

The chance to feed baby ducks, ring a carrot, and pet critters? Hooray: Those are part of your admission, too.

Admission, by the by, is "at the gate only," and weekday visitors will find a reduced entry fee, vs. the weekend days.

You can find the long list of airy and spacious farm pursuits on this page, and photos of just-born, oh-so-tiny tykes on the Underwood Family Farms social pages.

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