Make Your Mooove for an Underwood Season Pass

Thinking of calling upon Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark in the months ahead? If you're a frequent visitor, this pass could be for you.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Moorpark
  • $36 Season Pass to the Farm includes Animal Center visits, more
  • Tractor-drawn wagon rides are also part of the season pass

You might have a pass or two in your pocketbook, the sort of small card that signifies you're allowed entry in a place of natural interest, a place of sheer fun, or a place where education is part of an enjoyable outing.

Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark weaves all three of those things into a day out in the sunshine, and its spaciousness is giving visiting families plenty of room to roam on their own.

Which makes the agricultural property's annual Season Pass, which recently returned as an admission option, a mighty nice thing for many Southern California-based farm fans.

Especially for those people seeking under-the-sky, open-air'd activities that will keep everyone in the house engaged for a happy hour or two.

The farm has a knack for doing that, and for tugging at various heart strings, thanks to its Animal Center.

Visits to the critter-filled area are included in the Season Pass, if you'd like to see what Lucy is up to (yep, she's the beautiful bovine with the big horns), the bouncing bunnies, the plank-strutting goats, and all of the tiny-teensy chicks that start peeping in the springtime.

People who purchase pass, which is priced at $36, will also receive "... access to the Pick Your Own fields, tractor-drawn wagon rides and 50% off weekend admission during our Spring and Fall events."

As far as what's sprouting in the U-Pick corners of the vast space? You can always find what's in season on the Pick This Week page.

Healthy goodies that are looking luscious as February ends? Beets, kale, green onions, and lemons are all on the mid-winter-ish line-up of pick-'em-take'-em-home fruits and vegetables.

The prices are listed, too, per pound, so eye everything before you go.

Face coverings must be worn, and there are other guidelines to follow while savoring sunbeams and sweet-faced animals out on the farm. Read up at the Underwood site now.

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