Cinespia Announces Opening Schedule, Oh Yeah

The film series returns to Hollywood Forever with "The Neverending Story," "Drive," and more gems.

What to Know

  • Opens May 12, 2018
  • Hollywood Forever
  • $16 per ticket

Like those very on-the-ball people who can remember how many desks were in every classroom they've ever sat in, or what color the walls were painted in their first three homes, there are those amazing movie lovers who distinctly recall the total experience of watching a great film.

Maybe they remember the saltiness of the popcorn, or whether the seats leaned back or not, or, just perhaps, if they sat in a cemetery while watching a movie projected on the side of a mausoleum.

If you recall seeing a cinematic work of art in that last incredibly specific setting, chances are very, very good you've been to a Cinespia night at Hollywood Forever.

The Scene

What to do, where to go and what to see

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The summer cinema series, which actually starts in the springtime, takes place in the storied cemetery, and it will do so again, beginning on Saturday, May 12, as it opens its 17th season. The 2018 outing is presented by Amazon Studios.

The magical "The Neverending Story" is the first movie on the schedule, with other favorites to follow, with most happening on Saturday nights. "Drive" will be next, on May 19, with "Almost Famous" taking the last Saturday in May, over Memorial Day Weekend.

But hark, and lo, and look at that: There's a bonus May night, on Sunday, May 27.

And of all the gin joints in the world, and movies that rock legendary lines about gin joints, you had to decide to see "Casablanca," which is rounding out the end of the May movie line-up.

There shall be more announcements from Cinespia, in the weeks ahead, trust, but for now? Hold the May movies close to your heart, or, rather, your ticket-buying fingers, then round up your friends, find the picnic hamper, find a sweater for those May Gray evenings, and decide what you'll see.

You may not remember every movie theater or multiplex you've been in, but naming every last detail of seeing something at a Cinespia night? "Emblazoned" is the exact right word here, when talking about this movie-marvelous memory.

A ticket is $16; get yours now.

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