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Cinespia Returns to Hollywood Forever With Big Flicks in Tow

"Mean Girls" and "Back to the Future" are on the schedule, which flickers on over Memorial Day Weekend.



They're filled with all sorts of first, from the first credit you see, to the first character to speak, to the first eye-popping setting, first action sequence, first kiss, or the first super-surprising twist (signaling, quite often, more twists to follow).

But outside of the silver screen, and all around you, there can also be a roll-out of interesting firsts, especially if you're enjoying a film outdoors.

There's the first breeze to play across your picnic blanket, the first friend you see from across the way, the first pretty star to twinkle overhead.

Cinespia, the long-running film series, is full of such fanciful firsts, as well as the films we all know, miss, talk about, quote, and frequently rewatch in order to feel the power of a beloved film's particular firsts all over again.

Now the fabled film event is returning to its main home, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, beginning on Memorial Day Weekend 2022.

True, the well-known cineseries has popped up at temporary drive-ins over the last couple of years, but the classic happenings that are most associated with the alfresco affairs are set for their Tinseltown return at the end of May.

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"Mean Girls" will pink-up the proceedings on Saturday, May 28, "Back to the Future" hoverboards in on Sunday, May 29, while "American Psycho" arrives the next weekend, all to give early June some serious jump-scares.

More films will be announced in the weeks to come, for later in June and the months to follow.

Also good to know? Cinespia is still unspooling at LA Historic Park, over a few select May nights, should you want to experience "Jurassic Park" or "Twilight" at the DTLA-close destination.

Cinespia turns 21 in 2022, and those guests who are 21-and-over are permitted to pack beer and wine in their picnic hampers, should they want to raise a toast to the event's lively longevity.

DJs famously add oodles of verve to these breezy evenings, and a pop-up photo booth, one that's nicely themed to the night's movie? For sure, many guests will dress like the film's characters and pose for that perfect pic.

A ticket, best bought in advance, is $22, parking is additional (if you'd like to park at Hollywood Forever), and everything you need to know is right here.

The series is presented by Amazon Studios.

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