Contest: Invent a Beer That Tastes Like LA

Angel City Brewery is asking libation-loving locals "What Would You Brew?"

Depth and tone and acidity and body and fruitiness and mellowness are just some of the words that beer buffs regularly invoke to describe the pint in they hold in their hands.

But what if that same beer buff was challenged to come up with a new beer, from scratch, that represents the spirit of Los Angeles, one that would be made by one of Southern California's top brewhouses?

Would "depth" and "tone" take a backseat to a fresh SoCal-specific flavor or a zany ingredient?

This will be the question that brew lovers shall be asking themselves in the weeks ahead as "What Would You Brew?," Angel City Brewery's annual you-invent-a-beer contest, marches forward towards an end-of-September deadline.

"(H)undreds of incredible recipes and stories" have been submitted in years past, and winners have included Lori Newman's "Desert Dreams" (think sage, orange peels, and other ingredients that summon the Southern California desert) and Emily Finch's Mexican Cola Beer.

Two libations that definitely feel local, both in terms of ingredients and drawing in other LA and LA-close elements.

But Angel City won't simply whip up the inventive brew and sell it; the winner shall spend the day working with the Angel City team as they make the beer a reality. And the concoction'll go fairly wide, for a time, most notably at LA Beer Week 2016. Other goodies, like a custom kegerator, are part of the victor's take-home package.

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Submit your foamy recipe by Sept. 30. The winner'll be notified in October.

So, IPA and ale aficionados, what would LA taste like, in a beer? "Glamour and grit, art and commerce, desert and sea, freeways and freedom..." suggests the Arts District brewhouse. 

That all sounds pretty easy to fold into a recipe, right? Best brainstorm over a brew.

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