Cornflakes Meet Candy Canes in Milk Bar's New Ice Cream Cake

The bakery's first-ever ice cream cake has cornflake-y crunch and peppermint kick; get it by the slice or take a whole cake home.

Israel Sebastian/Milk Bar

What to Know

  • 7150 Melrose Avenue; pick it up in-shop or order online
  • The company's first-ever ice cream cake includes a chocolate chip cake and cornflake frosting, plus the all-important Candy Cane Cornflake Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
  • $10 a slice, $110 whole 9-inch cake

Of all the seasons of slightly surreal snackery, the one that arrives in December is centered around the offbeat principle of Eating Various Tastes and Textures at Basically the Same Time.

Consider how you love to slather cranberry jelly on your mashed potatoes, or the crunchiness of a pecan pie paired with the smooth loveliness of vanilla ice cream.

Pastry pro Christina Tosi's Milk Bar has long been at the forefront of fanciful eating, thanks to its famous-beyond-LA Birthday Cake, as well as a soft-serve that takes its tangy inspiration from cereal milk.

Why do we say "famous-beyond-LA" about this particular pastry? The colorful cakey bits show through, providing pretty, frosting-free windows into what's inside (though, yes, icing ribbons add oomph to the dessert's exterior, and frosting is found inside the cake, too).

It's become instantly recognizable in the competitive world o' local treats, in short, both for its appearance and its deliciousness.

Now there's a fresh goodie on the Milk Bar menu, one that can be purchased by the slice, if you're looking for a quick treat, and it boasts a number of textures, tastes, and tasty tones.

It's the Candy Cane Cornflake Ice Cream Cake, the first-ever ice cream cake from the founded-in-2008 company, and it involves some festive flavor, chocolate-y cheer, and, oh yes, the crunchy breakfast classic.

The cake is part of Milk Bar's Holiday Lab, an "experimental kitchen" that has featured a number of limited-time delectables rolling out over the course of December 2021.

"In an epic holiday flavor combo, we layer up our limited-edition Candy Cane Cornflake Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, chocolate chip cake, cornflake frosting, and a party of cornflake crumb," shared the bakery.

Just want to try a slice? You can, for ten bucks. Just make for the Melrose shop.

Want a whole cake? A 9-incher is $110, and available at the Los Angeles flagship store, as well as at the New York City location. You can also order it online.

Cold, crunchy, cakey, candy: It seems several sweet groupings are represented in this newest offering, one that may give pecan pie and ice cream, and mashed potatoes and cranberry jelly, a run in the "offbeat match-ups" department.

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