‘CSI: Criminal Investigation': Mega Prop Auction

Want to own Grissom's briefcase? It might happen.

Every place on the planet has its stuff -- "stuff" being defined as vases and bookends and purses and such -- but Los Angeles has both stuff and made-for-TV stuff, which adds another delightful dimension to a city that is built, rather outlandishly, on the making of fantasy.

Hearing, then, that a watch or a necktie or a rubber thumb from a favorite dramatic series is up for auction is very much par for the course 'round Southern California, though of course -- wait, wait? Did we say "rubber thumb" earlier?

We did, in fact, because the major prop auction of the week is all about "CSI: Criminal Investigation." The long-running police procedural, which had its debut on CBS in 2000, has had a lot of time to amass a lot of neckties and watches and, indeed, the occasional prop that might give your guests a startle, if you haven't briefed them, ahead of time, that you scored an item in the ScreenBid auction.

The auction opened on Friday, April 15 and will run through Friday, April 22. What's on the block? Over 600 props, including a desk phone seen in Russell's office (a character played by Ted Danson) as well as a lamp.

A pair of Sara Sidle's sunglasses -- Jorja Fox's character -- will be auctioned, as well as well as a briefcase belonging to Grissom (hello, William Petersen).

Even if you don't plan to bid, a thorough scroll of the many props will likely take devoted fans back through some favorite episodes. It's a good question, whether a longtime follower of a complex procedural can name the episode just from the prop, but given the serious "CSI" fandom, one believes that auction items will jog the memory.

Past TV-themed ScreenBid auctions have included "Mad Men," "Boardwalk Empire," and "True Blood."

For the full rundown of what's now at auction, turn your high-beam flashlight this way, drama devotees.

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