Daphne's Has a Deal for National Gyro Day

Start September with the famous and filling wrap, which is priced at five bucks in honor of the food holiday.

Daphne's California Greek

What to Know

  • Daphne's California Greek
  • Tuesday, Sept. 1 is National Gyro Day
  • $5 gyros all day

Somewhere, deep inside our mind, we always save a place for the nice notion of tzatziki to reside.

Call it a dip, a sauce, a spread, or one of the greatest foodstuffs ever invented, if you prefer, but call upon it often. For its creamy cucumber character, and the way it complements any meat or vegetable, always astounds, even if you just had some tzatziki yesterday, and the day before that.

And the dip/sauce/spread/greatest foodstuff ever?

It's an essential and central part of the gyro for many fans of the classic Greek wrap. Tzatziki can form the beautiful buffer between lamb and pita, and if any happens to spill out, onto your plate, while you're biting down, you know it won't remain on the plate for long.

Daphne's California Greek gets us. It offers a notably zingy tzatziki, and a hearty gyro sandwich that features the fabulous condiment.

And on Tuesday, Sept. 1, which happens to be National Gyro Day, Daphne's will offer the delectable Mediterranean dish for five bucks, a savings of a few bucks and change (usual price for the classic pita: $8.49).

What's inside the pita?

The wrap " ...features hand-carved and seasoned gyro meat topped with cucumber-tomato salad, red onion, lettuce, greek dressing and tzatziki all wrapped in a warm pita."

Good to know? You can't go through a third-party delivery app on this deal, so best find a Daphne's Greek California.

Finding a Daphne's? Head for Woodland Hills, West Hollywood, and a host of other Southern California spots.

Indeed, this is all happening on a Tuesday, which is traditionally observed as Taco Tuesday.

But why can't we go with Tzatziki Tuesday, at least on Sept. 1, in honor of National Gyro Day? Or do both? Gyro for lunch, taco for dinner? All decisions should be as delightful as this one.

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