Decorate Your Own Sprinkles Halloween Cupcakes

The goodies arrive unfrosted and ready for your personal sweet 'n spooky spin.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

What to Know

  • Halloween DYO-TO-GO Cupcake Box
  • $25
  • Through Oct. 31, 2020

What has more sway over our sweet-toothed longings come late October: candy or cupcakes?

Plenty of respondents might vote for the former, for small, pre-wrapped, easy to grab goodies rule our shelves, plastic pumpkin buckets, and tummies as Halloween grows near.

And goodness, do we ever like our two-bite treats.

But sometimes you long for something cakier, a dessert that requires a bit more time, imagination, and frightful flair.

Sprinkles Cupcakes can help us on that front, thanks to a DYO box of four unfrosted cupcakes, each a blank canvas.

The "DYO" part?

That's "decorate your own," of course, meaning the cupcakes in your box are baked and ready for instant eating.

But before you sink your chompers into one of these cakey confections, you'll want to slather on some fancy frosting, and add a few seasonal decorations, too.

Those tiny and tasty add-ons include little skulls and cross-bones, as well as ghosts and pumpkins. There are actual Sprinkles sprinkles, too, and, you bet, it is the just-debuted Halloween blend.

As for the frosting flavors? You'll receive two: dark chocolate buttercream and cream cheese.

And your four cupcakes will represent four important kingdoms of the cupcake flavor world: red velvet, pumpkin, dark chocolate, and sprinkle.

How would you design and decorate your ultimate Halloween cupcake? What yummy patterns would your youngster make?

The Halloween DYO-TO-GO Cupcake Box is $25 and is haunting our temptation-prone taste buds through Halloween. You can order online or through your local Sprinkles Cupcakes shop.

After you finish decorating a quirky quartet of cupcakes, will your Halloween sweet-tooth'd ways change forever?

Will it be all about frosting and cakey tastes for you, rather than traditional candy?

It's good we live in a world where both sides of this appetizing aisle can and do stay strong in our Halloween-loving hearts, right through the spookiest yet sweetest season

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