Giant Ghosts and Sugar Skulls Are Glowing in Santa Monica

Festooned with bright frights, the Pacific Wheel in Santa Monica is delivering holiday delights nightly through Nov. 2.


What to Know

  • Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier
  • Santa Monica Pier is open while the rides of Pacific Park remain temporarily closed
  • You can watch the nightly Pacific Wheel show on its webcam through Nov. 2, 2020

Even if your neighbor's house can easily be seen from Jupiter these days, thanks to the group of glowing ghosts on the porch, the large, lit-from-within witch, and the star-bright skeletons dancing along the walkway, there's a bigger seasonal display in town.

Much bigger, for the signs of late October are currently showing up in illuminated patterns and symbols on the side of the Pacific Wheel at Santa Monica Pier.

If you know the famous Ferris wheel, and you surely do, as it is the largest solar-powered Ferris wheel on the planet, then you know it is nine stories high.

Making the Halloween ghosts and Día de los Muertos sugar skulls that show up on its shimmering side far larger than any ghosts currently gracing anyone's front yards at the moment.

Further? These spooky symbols are powered by 174,000 LED lights, which scarily cements their ultimate eerieness.

The hours for the nightly show?

The schedule sure fits the after-dark feel of Halloween: sunset to midnight is when you can admire the enormous eeks spanning the Pacific Wheel's sizable side.

The cost to see it? Free, but keep in mind that the rides of Pacific Park remain temporarily closed.

Seeing it in person? You can, but there's a webcam, too, that watches this beachside icon around the clock.

And here's something that's as sweet as a sugar skull or your favorite Fun Size Halloween candy bar: Unlike some Pacific Wheel shows, which pop up as a one-night-only happening on a specific holiday, this late-October gift to anyone who is at the pier or watching the webcam will glow nightly through Nov. 2, 2020.

Call it inspiration to go bigger with your own displays, though, to be honest, no yard display will ever top this skyward attraction, which is a towering 90 feet.

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