Descanso's Famous Tulips Are Reaching Peak Bloom

Some 30,000 bulbs were planted in January; now the iconic flowers are making a wowza showing at the La Cañada Flintridge gardens.

Descanso Gardens

What to Know

  • La Cañada Flintridge
  • Advance reservations are required
  • Later weekday hours just opened (through May 31)

A "bloom boom" may be in the petal-seeking eye of the blossom-loving beholder, it is true.

For one person may define "peak bloom" as one thing while another might have a totally different take on the flowery matter, if pressed.

But pretty much all flower-seeking spring celebrators can agree upon this: Planting 30,000 tulip bulbs is a major undertaking that can ultimately deliver a truly major result.

That's right: Thirty thousand. We emphatically and enthusiastically meant every zero you see above.

Hard-working staff members and volunteers did just that at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge in January. As for the bulbs they carefully placed in the winter soil, again and again and again and again?

They were future tulips, one of the showy flowers that's synonymous with the historic property.

Now all of that cold-weather bulb placement is prettily paying off, for peak bloom, or "tulip mania," if you prefer, has now begun, per the garden team.

True, the tulips have been slowly opening since late February, but if you'd like to admire the biggest expanse of tulip-tastic splendor, you'll want to visit Descanso Gardens in the next week or two (so, up to or around Easter 2021 is a good time frame to keep in mind, give or take).

Pink, yellow, purple, the "frilly" parrot tulips, striped tulips, and multi-hued gems are just some of the specimens you'll spy as you saunter by the large, tulip-packed plot, which is located fairly close to the entrance.

And Queen of the Night, the "almost-black fan favorite" that gloriously pops up on Southern Californians' social feeds each spring?

That's one of the final flowers to bloom, tulip-ists, so keep that in mind as you plan your peak-seeking outing.

Advance reservations to Descanso Gardens are necessary, as are masks.

And here's something as lovely as a tulip that's just reached its full and flowery potential: Descanso Gardens just announced longer weekday hours through May 31, giving enthusiasts of the magic hour a chance to visit closer to sunset.

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