Dessert Goals: Fresh Confection Fest

Snack upon sweets while burnishing your snapshot skills.

Lumping all food photography ever into one lumpy catch-all category?

Doesn't work. No way, no how. No one would ever dare to do this, even people who've never dreamed of snapping a quick pic of a sandwich or bowl of pasta. 

Because different bites require different approaches, it's true, and a quick glance back at the decades, from the 1950s to the 1970s to today, tell us that capturing cuisine, by camera, is an art form that varies depending upon the vittles.

Enter Dessert Goals, a one-day confection celebration that has already dipped a long, frosty spoon into the New York City sweets scene. Next up for the dessertacular is Los Angeles, on Saturday, June 17, at the The Cooper Design Space in Downtown LA.

Let's just put this out there as prominently as a cherry sits atop whipped cream: There shall be eating, and a good amount of it, from artisanal, creatively minded makers of confections around SoCal, outfits like Gotta Have S'more and Coolhaus and Honey & Butter macarons.

Mallow & Hop marshmallows, Le Bon Garçon caramels, and Kettle Me Up kettle corn will also make a sticky, chewy, crave-another showing.

But it isn't just about the munchery at Dessert Goals, for workshops dedicated to dessert photography, and blogging, and dessert crafts and businesses, are also on the tart to-do list.

You'll need a separate workshop ticket, do note, in addition to your Dessert Goals entry, if you want to join the jam-boree (certainly jam, as a gooey, yummy concept, is often front-and-centered in modern desserts).

Have your ticket already? Find your way to your dream workshop. And start pondering how your contemporary capturing of a bowl of pudding can stand out on social media, or wherever you choose to display your stellar sugary skills.

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