Disneyland Raises Most Ticket Fees, Keeps Same Starting Price

A new sixth ticketing tier was also just added to the entry choices at The Happiest Place on Earth.

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

What to Know

  • The Oct. 25, 2021 announcement revealed higher pricing for several ticket tiers
  • A new sixth ticketing tier was added, to begin in spring 2022
  • The price single-day, single-park ticket, available on some days, remains unchanged at $104

Planning a day at The Happiest Place on Earth?

Planning all of your budgets, from your time budget to your energy budget, is an important step before visiting the famous Anaheim theme parks found at 1313 Disneyland Drive.

An announcement from Disneyland Resort on Oct. 25, 2021 reveals that budget planning will take on some fresh dimensions, with the new revelation that pricing will be rising for most ticket tiers.

Those tiers give guests a variety of ways to approach calling upon the theme parks, from a one-day jaunt to a run of multiple days at both Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure.

But the single-day, single-park ticket option available for some days? That price will remain unchanged at $104, which has remained the same since 2019.

The price of parking also went up from $25 to $30.

The last price hike, for a number of tiers, occurred near the beginning of 2020.

The new sixth tier won't be available to guests for another five months or so, and will be priced at $164.

To view prices for various days and times of the year, and to peruse what each tier provides, the best bet is for people to keep an eye on the rolling calendars that appear on the Disneyland Resort site.

Demand to visit both theme parks since their reopenings on April 30, 2021 has been high and increasing at a good clip, thanks to the introduction of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure and the return of Halloween Time to both Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure.

The reservation system, a new feature that began with the parks' spring 2021 reopening, has stayed busy.

"Reservations, originally introduced as a result of regulations from health and safety officials, have proven to be a critical tool as we manage guest visitation across the yearly calendar and help significantly in delivering a great guest experience," shared the team behind the parks.

For more information on park tickets, visit this page now.

New Pricing System Breakdown:

  • Tier 1 = $104
  • Tier 2 = $119
  • Tier 3 = $134
  • Tier 4 = $149
  • Tier 5 = $159
  • Tier 6 = $164 (for the highest-demand days).

Before the hike, the highest-priced ticket on peak days was $154.

The "Magic Key" program was announced in August. The program's most expensive ticket -- the "Dream Key" costs $1,399. Those who bought this option can get reservations to both theme parks any day of the year. This program option has sold out.

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