Dog Haus NoHo Anniversary: Delish Deal

Buy a $1 draught beer and nab a free hot dog, with a choice of seven, all in honor of the savory eatery's first birthday.

We're moving into the Official Season of Grillin', or OSG, if you prefer to use catchy acronyms that allow you to get to the grillin' faster, which means this: Chances are pretty good you'll soon be standing next to a swimming pool in someone's backyard while clutching a bun.

And, within that bun? Some sort of flavorsome frankfurter. But you don't need to wait for the launch of OSG to satisfy your hog dog-related cravings, and you don't need a bucket of money, or even a fraction of a bucket of money, to do so, for Dog Haus North Hollywood as a special sizzling up on Friday, April 28.

That is the NoHo eatery's first anniversary, yes (you clearly know your Dog Haus history, if you called that out already, which means you also know the company started in Pasadena in 2010).

And, as first anniversaries are wont to have, this one'll come with a deal: Buy a one-dollar draught beer and then choose, for free, a Haus Dog.

There are seven to choose from, from the Downtown Dog (think caramelized onions, pickled peppers, mayo, mustard, and ketchup, all surrounding a bacon-wrapped dog) to the Free Bird (it's a turkey dog, with avocado smoked bacon, ranch, and tomato).

A Cowboy, which features BBQ sauce, and a corn dog are two other noshable highlights. But if all-beef hot dogs aren't your jam, be sure to request a veggie option. It's no problem whatso.

Hours? Be there from 11 a.m. to 10 that night. Place? 4929 Lankershim Boulevard.

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First anniversaries only happen, yep, once, so they have to be a bit splashy. And, speaking of splashy, you'll soon be standing near that pool, bun in hand, celebrating OSG. But since the Official Season of Grillin' is still a few weeks off, with a Memorial Day Weekend start, best get your dog deliciousness now, for a song, at Dog Haus NoHo on April 28.

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