Donate Blood, Enjoy a Dozen Free Glazed Krispy Kremes

The pastry powerhouse is giving donors the opportunity to "(r)oll up your sleeves" and savor complimentary doughnuts before January ends.

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What to Know

  • Jan. 24-31, 2022
  • Donate from Jan. 24-31, 2022, then show proof at a Krispy Kreme shop; you'll receive a dozen complimentary glazed doughnuts
  • January is National Blood Donor Month

A juice box, a Fig Newton, a handful of cheese crackers, or all of the above: The incredible act of giving blood is very often followed with a comforting treat, the sort of snack or sip you savor in the moments after you've completed the gracious, give-back gesture.

If you're a snack food aficionado, you likely look forward to this yummy respite, a true time of contemplation, community bonding, and, yes, cookies.

But if you find that you're still craving a confection after you depart the center where you just donated, be cheered: It might be time for a dozen free glazed doughnuts, courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

For the pastry-perfecting powerhouse, a doughnut icon that's become synonymous with a certain glazy goodie that exudes a singular, mouth-pleasing texture when warm, is saying "thank you" to blood donors through the end of January 2022.

For January is National Blood Donor Month, and the blood supply is dangerously low. "The Red Cross is experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade," the organization posted on its site, and many local and national businesses are stepping up to help out, including the Hollywood Pantages Theatre.

Your local Krispy Kreme is helping out as well. And the shops are ready to treat blood and platelet donors, through Jan. 31, to a delicious and delectable doughnut dozen in a show of support for the American Red Cross.

How to get your free dozen?

Just donate blood or platelets between Jan. 24 through the 31st, then show proof of it at your local Krispy Kreme by Jan. 31, 2022.

There are more details on what you'll want to have on hand when you arrive to collect your complimentary dozen, so read all before beginning the process.

And then? You'll want to find a quiet spot to bite into one of the famously soft sweets, and enjoy the sort of serene reflection that you may have known immediately following a past donation.

For quality time spent with comforting snack, your contemplative thoughts, and the knowledge that your kind act connects you to your community is truly the sweetest thing of all.

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