Donut Miss Your Last Chance for Strawberry Doughnuts

At least for a few months, that is. But you'll have to wait for 2021 for The Donut Man's famous treats to return, if you don't snap one up soon.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • Oct. 10-11 is the final weekend for The Donut Man's strawberry doughnuts
  • The Donut Man has two locations: 915 E. Route 66 in Glendora and Grand Central Market in DTLA
  • Strawberry doughnut season generally runs from February to October, though dates can vary

We know you've been focused on a particular piece of produce lately, the large, seed-filled, globular fruit that has a stem on top and an outside that's perfect for carving.

But if you adore strawberries as much as you love pumpkins, you might hit the pause button on your fall favorite, at least for a day.

For the world-famous strawberry-stuffed doughnuts at The Donut Man are in their final 2020 hours

Oh, you bet, they'll be back in a few months, as is tradition.

That said, these sticky and dough-delightful gems don't make their much-longed-for return before the middle of winter, and that can be a long time to wait for many local doughnut devotees.

"Last Weekend of Strawberry Donut Season 2020!!" was the appetizingly urgent message on the beloved bakery's social pages on Oct. 7, so you know it is serious.

And if you have doughnut-ists in your family who prefer fruit-free pastries?

Fret not, for The Donut Man has a plethora of other tempting choices, including crullers, old fashioneds, and devil's food, too.

But if you're all about berry bliss, we get it. The price is $6 per strawberry doughnut.

As for keeping a napkin nearby?

Advisable, since this is one of the most gloriously goo-tastic delectables you'll ever hold in your hands. If the napkin has been dampened with a little water? Even better.

One has to think ahead when preparing for such a celebrated sweet, much in the same way that one has to steel themselves for when the doughnut departs the menu again come fall, at least for a few months.

Those months are coming right up, so make for your closest Donut Man before the second weekend of October is down to its final crumbs.

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