Porto's Bake at Home Is Now Featuring a Bestselling Cake

Oh yes, we're talking about the Tres Leches Milk'N Berries Cake, which arrives frozen at your place, ready for defrosting, eating, and enjoying.

Victor Salazar

What to Know

  • Tres Leches Milk'N Berries Cake
  • Porto's Bakery and Café has sold over a million of these cakes
  • $39.99 plus shipping through Porto's Bake at Home

When you fall in love with a cake, you'll talk about that cake when eating other cakes, and when no cake is present, and moments after you've finished a slice of cake, whether it was the exact cake you're obsessed with or not.

For a gorgeous gateau, one that has beautifully constructed layers, fresh fruit, and oodles of airy whipped cream, is the kind of confection that stays with you, like a happy dream that lingers or a compliment that stays in your heart.

Porto's Bakery and Café has been creating such dream-worthy desserts for many delicious years, but its Tres Leches Milk'N Berries Cake, which is marking its 10th anniversary in 2020, is a goodie that stands layers above the rest.

It's become the SoCal-based restaurant company's bestselling cake, a billing that's backed by the fact that Porto's has sold over a million of them in the last decade.

You can find these berry-bursting wonders for sale at your local Porto's, of course, but how to help these superstar sweets find their way to your place?

Porto's Bake at Home can help.

The get-your-Porto's-at-home service just added the Tres Leches Milk'N Berries Cake to its line-up at the end of September 2020, giving everyone who loves this cake, and wants to know what it is to love this cake, the opportunity to enjoy it on their own turf.

The cake, which is $39.99 plus shipping, arrives frozen and wearing a "shipping collar" to keep it nicely together. After defrosting, it is ready to eat.

What's inside this creamy kuchen? Look for, or taste for, rather a "... signature house blend of condensed milk, evaporated milk, cream and a touch of brandy," as well as berries and lots of whipped cream.

About ten to 12 cake lovers can dig into a single cake, says Porto's.

If you're super-into the Tres Leches flavor, but also adore other Porto's cakes, be gladdened: Several superstars from its bakery line-up will soon debut on the Porto's Bake at Home roster, including Parisian Chocolate Cake and Red Velvet.

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