You Can Bake Porto's Arroz Con Pollo Frito at Home

The savory bites, an online-only special, were just added to the Porto's Bake at Home shop.


What to Know

  • One dozen Arroz Con Pollo Frito
  • $16.99
  • Only available online at the Porto's Bake at Home shop; the bites will be restocked on July 16 and again on July 18

Many people have discovered their inner bakers in recent months, and snapshots of sourdough loaves, shortbread cookies, and all manner of munchable, dough-based desserts have followed.

Seeing such pictures may have prompted you to want to bake, but what is a person to do when their favorite oven treats have already been perfected by a beloved local restaurant company?

The answer?

Go straight to that company's site, to see if a tempting, bake-ready appetizer can be purchased for warming up, and enjoying, at home.

And if you've long been an aficionado of the famous Porto's potato ball, get excited: July 14, 2020 is your delicious day.

For that's when the new arroz con pollo frito balls first appeared, in limited-edition form, on the Porto's Bake at Home online shop.

The headline on this pop-in-your-mouth appetizer? You cannot, repeat, cannot get this new offering in-store at the Porto's bakeries.

You'll have to buy it online for at-home baking, and you'll want to do it soon, for this is a "while supplies last" treat.

"Inspired by the popular Italian dish arancini, Porto’s Executive Chef Claudio Brusamolino added a Cuban twist by infusing them with Arroz con Pollo, a classic Cuban rice and chicken-based dish," revealed the team behind the beloved SoCal eateries.

"These Cuban-style chicken & rice balls are seasoned with saffron, garlic, cumin, oregano, red pepper and green peas tossed in panko breadcrumbs and deep-fried to a nice golden-brown coat."

Chef Brusamolino, by the by, tried out 16 different versions before going with the one available now, in the Bake at Home shop.

If you see "SOLD OUT" under arroz con pollo frito on the site, take a deep breath: Porto's will restock the yummy bites on Thursday morning, July 16, and again on Saturday morning, July 18.

Don't wait long to order, though; the first round sold out in fast fashion, as any arroz con pollo fans can understand.

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