The Donut Man's Peachy Pastries Are Back, but Act Fast

The limited-time peach doughnuts are available at both the Glendora shop and the brand-new location at Grand Central Market.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • 915 E. Route 66 in Glendora
  • Grand Central Market in DTLA
  • $4.75; available for a limited time

Encountering the luscious promise of "tree-ripened peaches," the kind of glorious fruits grown in the golden rays of the Golden State?

It sounds like a delicious daydream, or something from a vintage travel poster, or what a starry-eyed book character might claim is his favorite food.

But such fruits really do exist, and a local and much-loved treat-making pro has elevated this already perfect peach to something even sweeter.

It's the peach doughnut, a longtime favorite that's synonymous with The Donut Man in Glendora, and if you've ever enjoyed one, you know that A) there are a surprising amount of peach slices stuffed within the full-to-bursting doughnut and B) few things, in this world, glisten as temptingly.

Alas: The peach doughnut, like its sibling, the world-famous Donut Man strawberry doughnut, isn't a year-round goodie.

In fact, the confection clock ticks faster on the stone fruit sweet, which usually arrives not long after summer begins, only to leave The Donut Man's pastry-lined shelves before summer ends.

Which means you'll want to get to the original Glendora shop soon, or The Donut Man's brand-new location at Grand Central Market in DTLA.

And, for sure, and yay, and oh yum: Those celebrated strawberry doughnuts are also available, meaning you could just luck out and score one of each sweet for you and your sweetheart.

Or, yes, one for each hand.

Because when peach doughnut season and strawberry doughnut season align? Anything is possible, and life is looking up.

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