Doo Dah Queen Wannabes, It's Tryout Time

The zany Pasadena parade is on the horizon and the search is on for its regal and fabulous figurehead.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Oct. 28, 2 p.m.
  • American Legion Post 280, Pasadena
  • "All are welcome" to audition, but let the Doo Dah team know ahead of time

Aren't we all just a tad royal inside? 

Do we not long to do that stiff-wristed wave to pedestrians as we pass them, if not in our horse-drawn carriage, then from our car, bike, or scooter?

And wouldn't we look particularly fetching with a crown atop our head?

Gaze inside and you might just find that you're made of more regal stuff than you had previously supposed. 

If this is the case, and we think it probably is, don your sparkliest tiara, a feathery boa, and/or any other costume-y details you like, for one of the wackiest parades in the West is again on the search for its spectacular and beloved figurehead.

The "wackiest parade" part should tell you that we're talking about the Doo Dah here, that long-running Pasadena procession that arose as a cheeky answer to the august Rose Parade.

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This offbeat affair is again going to dance through East Pasadena on Sunday, Nov. 18, which means that coronation day for the new Doo Dah Parade queen is very, very nigh.

The tryout date is Sunday, Oct. 28, the place is the American Legion Post 280 in Pasadena, and the start time is 2 in the afternoon.

Anyone is invited to audition, but do let the Doo Dah team know so they can save you a slot.

Aspirants for the role of queen often sing a song, or juggle, or perform some other talent, during their three-minute performance window, but it doesn't need to be a traditional display of talent, do note.

If you can do something amazing and strange, do show off from the stage, for sure. Basically you "... have three minutes to WOW the judges," so go for it.

Are you an ace on the kazoo? Great at headstands? Dream big.

It's all pretty loosey-goosey, like the parade itself, and the aim of the day is general joy, fun, and not-so-serious socializing.

There's a $5 cover for the Queen Tryout party, do note, if you're not making a run for the crown, but the whole shebang is totally free if you are.

And if you're chosen, above all of the other tryout-ers? Well, you'll be queen, with your own regal ride, in the 2018 Doo Dah Parade.

How's that for a line on your resumé? We'll tell you how it is: Flat-out awesome.

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