Dress as Batman, Enjoy a Randy's Giveaway

Suit up as the superhero and you'll snag a free doughnut and coffee with purchase. When does this happen? Why on Batman Day, of course.

Randy's Donuts

What to Know

  • Monday, Sept. 21
  • All Randy's locations, all day long
  • Dress as Batman, make a purchase, and receive a free coffee and doughnut (of your choosing)

What does Batman enjoying eating, when he isn't out defending the city, keeping an eye out for nefarious baddies, and serving as a brave and stalwart symbol of justice?

A longtime fan has to guess that the powerful figure weaves a lot of protein-rich foods into his day-to-day meals, and other foods that keep his get-up-and-go going.

But, on occasion?

There have to be treats, the sort of celebratory goodies that mark a victory, a successful villain-thwarting night on the town, or simply a treat to make his superheroic outings a bit sweeter.

And to help the sweeter side of things? There is Randy's Donuts.

True, a Marvel icon is associated with the original, LAX-close outpost of the famous doughnut company — that would be Tony Stark, as seen in "Iron Man 2" — but Randy's will pay flavorful homage to the DC superstar on Monday, Sept. 21.

That's Batman Day, in Los Angeles and everywhere, and Randy's will offer a free doughnut and coffee, with purchase, to anyone dressed as Batman.

The hero-cool holiday will be honored all day long and all of the Randy's locations around town, including the brand-new shop on Lake Avenue in Pasadena.

Good to know? "Batman outfits are determined based on Randy’s Donuts discretion at each location." Meaning you'll probably want to go a bit beyond donning a cape, if you want to enjoy the giveaway.

You'll also want to state "I am Batman" to enjoy that with-purchase coffee and doughnut.

Something even sweeter? If you've got a kid with you, who happens to be age 15 or younger, Randy's will treat them to a candy-topped Randy's Round. (Update: This offer is good on Halloween.)

Do they need to be wearing a costume on Halloween, which is a Saturday in 2020, an ideal day of the week for doughnuts? Nope, but of course they are welcome to do so.

Please observe all safety policies, like face coverings, when visiting your local Randy's, and keep physical distancing in mind, too.

Happy Batman Day on Sept. 21, to all who help their neighbors, stand for their cities, and enjoy a delicious reward now and then, for all the good they do.

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