Du-par's Is Selling the Batter for Its Famous Hotcakes

The famous flapjacks regularly top Top Ten breakfast lists around SoCal; now, for a limited time, you can make them at home.


What to Know

  • Du-par's at the Original Farmers Market
  • $11.95 for 32 ounces of hotcake batter, plus syrup and melted butter
  • Limited-time chance to make the famous flapjacks at home

If we asked you to name some famous round or circular things associated with Southern California, you might first say "the sun", which, yes, is a thing we do adore here in beam-blessed SoCal.

Oranges qualify, and movie reels, too, and Mickey Mouse ears, and In-N-Out burgers, and doughnuts, and if you said "tires," well, we do dig our cars.

But one of the most celebrated circular icons of our city has to be the Du-par's hotcake. It's a famous and hefty flapjack that regularly makes Top Ten lists, those yummy rundowns that spotlight the best breakfast foods around town.

The not-so-humble hotcake is such an icon that the recipe is "actually locked in a safe," per the Original Farmers Market, a longtime home to one of the Du-par's diners.

And if you're ordering out food at the Third & Fairfax public market, or having it delivered, here's a hot(cake) tip: Du-par's is selling its hotcake batter, plus syrup, and don't forget the melted butter, too, to help pancake-loving people during these #StayatHome days.

You're right: This appetizing opportunity, to be able to make the Du-par's hotcakes in your own kitchen, is as rare as finding a bite of hotcake left on your syrupy plate. (That never happens for us, so we're assuming for you, too.)

And you're right again, if you accurately guessed this limited-time offer won't happen for long. Du-par's has been around since 1938, but it keeps its beloved batter in its own kitchen as a rule.

The cost? It's $11.95. You'll receive 32 ounces of batter, for those at-home hotcakes you want to make, plus the aforementioned syrup and butter.

Are you looking forward to the day you can take your favorite booth, chat up a friendly Du-par's server, and then dig into a filling short stack?

So many Du-par's devotees are dreaming of that moment, but, for the time being, you can bring the hotcake batter home, either through pick-up, take-out, or delivery.

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