Duff's Cakemix Now Has Delivery-Ready Cake-Decorating Kits

You can pick up a variety of decorate-it-yourself goodies at the SoCal shops or have them delivered by GrubHub.

Duff's Cakemix

What to Know

  • West Hollywood, Pasadena, Tarzana, and Irvine
  • The Unicorn, The Classic, and The Sixlet (six cupcakes)
  • The cake decorating kits are $44; The Sixlet is $34; Saturday delivery/pick-up only

Few of us would admit to watching the last five minutes of a film before we actually start it, and almost nobody wants to peek at a novel's final page.

But when it comes to cake?

The honest truth is this: We want to move swiftly in the direction of the eating-it-yum-yum part.

Which makes putting together a cake from scratch, and sleuthing out all of the various decorations and necessary implements required, can delay us on our consume-all-the-cake journey.

Here to help?

Duff's Cakemix, an appetizing enterprise from Food Network favorite Duff Goldman. And the fondant-famous outfit just launched a deliver-ready or pick-it-up cake kit at all four of its Southern California shops.

Those locations? Things are mighty cake-tastic in West Hollywood, Pasadena, Tarzana, and Irvine.

As far as what is in the cake-decorating kits?

Confection fans have three temptations to choose from, including The Unicorn. Fondant, buttercream, piping bags, toothpicks, and other tools of the tasty trade are included in this cute offering.

If this "DIY decorating experience" tempts you, be sure to place that order well in advance, as the shops have a limited supply of kits.

In addition to The Unicorn, sweettoothers'll find The Classic, which is indeed a more traditional spin on festooning a cake, and The Sixlet, which boasts six cupcakes to decorate (three are chocolate, three are confetti).

"I know all the cake stars out there are eager to get back into our studios, but while you’re staying safer at home, we are excited to bring the experience to you for your next celebration – whether it be a virtual birthday party, activity night in, or a simple Zoom get together with friends," said Duff Goldman. 

Note that all three of the cake decorating kits are available for Saturday delivery only, through GrubHub, or for pick up, so do plan your DIY, call-the-kids-into-the-kitchen adventure around the first day of the weekend.

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