Dunkin' Is Donating Goodies to Hospital Staffs

And for people staying at home? There are DIY Decorating Kits available for purchase at carry-out or the drive-thru.


What to Know

  • Local Dunkin' franchises are donating doughnuts to SoCal hospitals
  • Dunkin' is offering DIY Decorating Kits for purchase
  • Buy them with eligible orders when you carry-out or drive-through

Eating a treat from Dunkin'? Sipping that classic coffee, the one that has inspired java fans to gladly queue for that morning cup?

Do you moon over the mere thought of Munchkins daily?

So many doughnut devotees know exactly what we're talking about, whether you grew up New England, and had a glazed doughnut, practically from birth onward, each week, or you came to Dunkin' later in life, when the Massachusetts company finally arrived in Southern California to much frosting-sweet fanfare.

It's a comfort food outfit that has prompted a lot of fun and flavorful experiences over the years. And now Dunkin' is lending cheer, and tastiness, too, to hospital staffs across our region, via a series of Dunkin' runs.

Local franchises have already donated thousands of doughnuts, and will continue to do so, at Cedars Sinai, Kaiser Woodland Hills, and several other area hospitals.

"Local Dunkin’ franchise owners have proactively scheduled coffee and donut drop-offs to L.A. area hospitals for I.C.U. and E.R. staffs in coordination with the California Highway Patrol (CHP)," says a statement from the company.

"The goal is to bring a smile to those working tirelessly to help keep us healthy and safe."

So kind.

And on the kid-kind front?

Dunkin' is now offering DIY (Decorate It Yourself) DIY Kits, which can keep children busy on the fancy-up-a-doughnut front. The kits, which include frosting and sprinkles, are available for purchase, along with select orders, when you carry-out and use the drive-through.

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