Huntington Memorial Hospital Gets a Heroes Welcome

A local resident just erected the gratitude-filled sign at the entrance to the Pasadena hospital.

Jenny Cadenhead Rowe

What to Know

  • Huntington Memorial Hospital
  • Pasadena
  • The donated sign will remain up for "a few days"

Saying "thank you" to the nurses, doctors, caregivers, and hospital staffs during the time of COVID-19?

Thousands of us are finding fresh and heartfelt ways to show how much our health workers mean to us, from restaurant owners giving away meals to a nightly round of applause in cities around the globe, a show of enthusiastic appreciation hailing from people who are #SaferatHome.

Jenny Cadenhead Rowe, owner of the Card My Yard Pasadena franchise, wanted to show her support for the team at Huntington Memorial Hospital in a big way.

Ms. Rowe's friend, a nurse at Huntington, put the Altadena resident in touch with someone in the hospital's public relations department to get the go-ahead to erect the sign.

The donated sign will stay up for "a few days," all to bring some solace and support to those staffers heading to work at the hospital.

With teacher parades popping up in recent days, processions where educators drive by their students' homes in order to deliver a wave and a smile, Ms. Rowe has stayed busy erecting yard signs and taking them down when the rental period concludes.

"Drive-by birthday parties" for kids celebrating their birthdays at home, without friends in attendance, are also featuring a variety of festively themed yard signs.

Card My Yard was founded by a pair of families in Austin over a half decade ago, and can now be found in dozens cities around the nation.

Ms. Rowe has been keeping the hardworking staff of Huntington Memorial Hospital in mind during this time, and wanted a way to show her appreciation.

As for bringing a smile to the community, too, as well as inspiring others to say "thank you" however they can? We can count on acts of kindness to spur other acts of kindness, and so on, and so on.

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