Eat|See|Hear: 2017 Summer Schedule

Find alfresco film favorites at spread-a-blanket spots around town.


Assuming is really the worst, or so we are often told, so what we're about to do is predict what'll soon be sitting next to your front door, and definitely not assume.

For we wouldn't want to make any set-in-stone pronouncements of the assuming sort. Who would dare? It's not polite.

First, a look back: A few weeks ago you probably had an umbrella next to your home's main entrance, and perhaps a pair of galoshes, too, due to the soggy weather.

Soon, though? Let us pause, put our fingers to our forehead, and picture it: Maybe you'll have an old blanket near the front door, and a picnic basket, and all of the other items that are par for the happy course when it comes to watching movies outside. 

For it is nearly That Special Time of Year, that alfresco grassy sky-above film time, when we head outside to be entertained. And another of the major warm-weather film series has just pulled back the curtain on its 2017 schedule. 

It's Eat|See|Hear we speak of, the bounce-around-town festival with the mega inflatable movie screen ("mega"=52 feet in width). 

There are plentiful food trucks, too, at each event, and live tunes, and a caboodle of interesting happenings.

Now, to ponder what is on the near horizon, film-wise: The Eat|See|Hear summer season launches with "Mean Girls" at Centennial Square at Pasadena City Hall on May 6.

A celebration of the 75th anniversary of "Casablanca" follows on the next Saturday, May 13, at North Hollywood Recreation Center. And the ever-loved "Christmas in July" screening will be "Die Hard" on Saturday, July 22 at LA State Historic Park.

Yes, people show in holiday wear, traditionally, though more of the t-shirt variety, given the typical July temperatures. Though go for that ugly sweater look, if you must.

Tickets are now on sale, so after studying the schedule, you and your best buds can determine which to-dos you'll show at, and who will cart in the blanket, and the picnic basket, and all of the typical movies-on-the-grass items.

But surely that's you? If you usually keep that summery stuff waiting by the front door?

One tip: There's still rain ahead, in the coming days, so don't stow that umbrella just yet. Do keep your picnic blanket handy, though, for May, and the start of the summer cinema spectaculars, including Eat|See|Hear, is moving this way with all the speed of a snappy, action-packed movie montage.

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