Eat|See|Hear Announces Summer of '19 Flicks

Soak up the cinematic bliss over "20 consecutive Saturdays," starting in early May.

What to Know

  • May 4 opener
  • "Crazy Rich Asians," "Get Out," "The Greatest Showman," more
  • LA State Historic Park, Autry Museum in Griffith Park, several more spots

Without glancing at an app, or your wall calendar, or asking your spouse, or digging through the pile of papers on your kitchen counter, answer this: What did you do over the last twenty Saturdays?

Can you name every last errand, every shift at work, every social engagement, every outing you enjoyed?

Probably not, for Saturdays, as a rule, tend to be a bit more free form when compared to other days of the week.

But if you decide to attend every single Eat|See|Hear screening, starting on May 4, you'll likely always recall exactly what you did for twenty back-to-back Saturdays over a chunk of the spring and summer of 2019.

You will have watched twenty interesting, funny, moving, weird flicks, all shown on a huge 52-foot screen, all shown under the stars, all with a tasty food truck presence, and all with animal adoptions, courtesy of Best Friends.

That's a super-fine, ultra-fun way to look back at any grouping of twenty Saturdays, and few would argue with that position.

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This grand manor, a star of film and TV, is the 2024 Pasadena Showcase House

On the 2019 schedule, which is presented by SHOWTIME? "Get Out," "North by Northwest" (in honor of its 60th anniversary), and "The Greatest Showman" are just three of the marvelous many.

Some of the picturesque, movie-ready places that the hop-about happening is landing? LA State Historic Park, adjacent to The Autry at Griffith Park, Santa Monica High School Memorial Greek Amphitheater, and Pasadena City Hall. 

There are more spots, and probably one near you, so review all, and see if a fave film is flickering at a fave spot.

Some of the food trucks you might nosh at? Baby's Badass Burgers, Coolhaus, Luckdish, and Steamy Bun Truck.

A ticket, if you buy it ahead of time, is fourteen dollars. A ticket, if you buy it the night-of, right there, is $16.

So, what will you be doing over twenty spring-into-summer Saturdays this year?

We all have the must-do list, but what if you committed to catching a film, at an iconic outdoor SoCal destination, every Saturday night, beginning May 4, right through to the middle of September?

You'd probably always remember how you filled nearly half of your 2019 Saturday nights.

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