Enjoy a ‘Potter' Coffee at DTLA's Magical New Shop

Nimbus Coffee is now waving its wonderful wand over an array of sips and sweets.

What to Know

  • Nimbus Coffee
  • 1115 S. Hope Street
  • July 20 grand opening (currently in soft open)

Ordering a pot of coffee nowadays?

Most people are more inclined to ask for a cup, and then maybe another cup, if that first cup wasn't enough, meaning, in the end, they probably should have requested a whole pot.

But a Potter coffee is a rather different thing entirely.

It's a beverage you might find in a certain wizard-laden universe, one that's newly sprung up in our fair city. And you can sip such a beverage while sitting in a space that has more than a smidge of sorcery to its delightful details and overall look.

If you haven't got a date to call upon Hogwarts Castle soon, or any of the locations found inside J.K. Rowling's phenom-fanciful book series, you can still turn your broom in the direction of downtown Los Angeles.

Why there? Because Nimbus Coffee, a new coffeehouse that takes its inspiration from wizardian whimsy, has just debuted.

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Currently "beverages and baked goods" are the goodies that magical beings'll find on the coffeehouse's menu, but a number of "food options" will soon be available.

That is, after wands are waved in the air and the grand opening materializes on July 20.

Keep in mind that Nimbus Coffee is observing closed hours on Sundays ahead of its grand opening, should you want to visit soon. That makes sense, since every wizard needs time to decompress, to gather her energy, and to ponder spells to come.

And take note of this, should you and your favorite dragon call upon the nook for a nice warm drink: People are showing up outfitted in their Gryffindor gear or Ravenclaw clothes, so feel free to don your own. 

Where to find this magic-laden location?

It's on Hope Street, which feels like an optimism-fueled spot for such an enchanted enterprise. The address is 1115 S. Hope Street, to be exact, so program those coordinates into your nearest scrying glass at once.

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