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Enjoy ‘Guac on the Rock' and Help Local Restaurants, Too

Actor Dwayne Johnson and the team at Teremana, his tequila brand, have come up with a 'cado-cool way to support eateries (and you get a deal, too).


What to Know

  • May 1-5, 2021; 21+ only
  • Order guacamole and a Teremana tequila cocktail, share a photo of your receipt through the initiative's site and you'll be reimbursed for your guac (up to $10)
  • The give-back initiative was created to help out restaurants and bars following months of closures and challenges

"Guac is extra"?

Not only have you quite possibly heard that phrase spoken at a restaurant, but you've seen it on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and everywhere else you can stick a memorable, meme-ready notion, one that encapsulates the extra-ness of modern life.

But what if you could enjoy an order of "Guac on The Rock"?

That particular phrasing hasn't yet popped up on t-shirts and within memes, but it might, thanks to the generous spirit of actor Dwayne Johnson and his tequila brand Teremana.

For a five-day happening is coming up, from May 1 through 5, and the headline is this: The beloved action and comedy star will reimburse you for your guacamole, when you also purchase a Teremana cocktail.

There are other major headlines with this initiative, of course, starting with its give-back spirit.

Mr. Johnson and the Teremana team developed this idea to prompt people to enjoy a local restaurant or two, a gesture that is very much needed following a year-plus of pandemic-related closures and challenges.

You'll be reimbursed for your guacamole, via Venmo, when you upload a photo of a receipt showing both your guac order and a Teremana cocktail, too, at the official Guac on the Rock site.

Again, the reimbursement is for your guac, not your cocktail. And you'll want to find an establishment that serves Teremana beforehand, and make sure that is the libation you order to enjoy your Guac on the Rock.

And, of course: Be age 21, or over, and make sure you have a designated driver, too.

The movie star and Teremana will reimburse guac lovers up to a million dollars on their orders, so do get your receipt in early during the May 1-5 window.

Rules? It's always a smart idea to read 'em beforehand, in any venture. You can do so now.

Adding to the creamy conviviality of the promotion? May 2 happens to be Dwayne Johnson's birthday, and, yes, May 5 is Cinco de Mayo.

Whether you do go with Guac on The Rock, or you simply show your support to a favorite taqueria in the days ahead, you can take the actor's uplifting outlook to heart.

For showing our enduring affinity for the businesses of our community is an awesomely extra thing to do, however you choose do it.

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