Uncool Burgers Begins Burger Month With a $1 Deal

The Larchmont Village burgery is both reopening and welcoming the burger-iest month of the year with a savory special

Uncool Burgers

What to Know

  • 139 1/2 Larchmont Boulevard
  • $1 burgers April 30-May 2; the Uncool Burger and Party in my Plants Burgers will both be a dollar each during the kick-off window (just make sure you follow Uncool Burgers on social to get the deal)
  • You might also score free fries, each week, for a year

May is famous for the start of the prettily purple jacaranda bloom, for foggy May Gray mornings, for Mother's Day love, and graduations, too.

But it is also the month when you count on a certain savory fragrance to perfume the outside air on Saturday afternoons, and lots of other days of the week, too.

For when the weather warms, people snatch up their tongs and return to their barbecues en masse, where hot dogs, veggies, and, yes, burgers sizzle and pop.

So it stands to patty-perfect reason that May would also be Burger Month, one of the most major months on the national food holiday calendar.

We say "most major" because plenty of restaurants do tend to observe the 31-day span of cheese-melted, tomato-and-lettuce-topped tastiness in some fashion, either through deals or special dishes.

Uncool Burgers will be going the good deal route to honor Burger Month, starting at the very beginning of May, with a day from April thrown in for tempting measure.

Which means that if you stop by the Larchmont Village burgermaker from April 30 through May 2, you can enjoy an Uncool Burger, the eatery's signature offering, for a buck (think uncool sauce, onion jam, a cheese crisp, American cheese, and, oh tangy, house pickles, too).

If you prefer a vegan burger, well, hooray and hurrah: The Party in My Plants Burger, which includes an Impossible smashburger, will also be priced for a dollar for three delicious days.

Oh yes, and house pickles are included on the Party in My Plants Burger, plus vegan American cheese, a truffle island sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion jam, too.

How to score the special? Just make sure you follow the eatery on social.

There's one more zing to fling at this spring celebration: If you order fries during the April 30-May 2 window, and you find an Uncool sticker in the cup, you'll score a complimentary cup of fries, once a week, for a full year.

By the by, this burger bash is also a festive way to celebrate the restaurant's reopening.

If you've been missing the specific taste and toothsomeness of this smashburger, the weekend kicking off Burger Month is a lovely time to stop by the Larchmont Village burgery, order an old favorite, and say "welcome back" to the team.

For more on the funky burger-porium's "unconventional take" on perfecting the art of thin-pressed patties, as well as the eatery's vegan selection, click.

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