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Catch Some Zs in the Dodger Stadium Outfield



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    Manny won't be there, but you can watch him on the big screen during a sleepover at Dodger Stadium.

    Forget the seventh inning stretch -- it's time for a good night's sleep at Dodger Stadium.

    The fourth annual Blue Heaven outfield sleepover event is scheduled for Aug. 14-15.

    Fans can play catch on the field, and watch the Dodgers' game against Arizona followed by a movie on the big screen.

    It's one of the more expensive naps you'll take. The event costs $200 per adult and $100 per child. A family price is available for $500 -- that's two adults and two children.

    The price includes a "goodie bag," dinner and breakfast buffet.

    The event is limited to 500 people. The registration deadline is Aug. 10.