Fall for 1,000+ Animals at NKLA's Super Adoption

Meet furry friends in Woodland Hills during one of the calendar's largest adoption events.

What to Know

  • May 19 and 20
  • Warner Park in Woodland Hills
  • $10 and up to adopt

We know what to do, pretty much, when we meet another human for the first time.

There might be a handshake, a "hello," and a bit of chitchat about light and inconsequential topics, all to establish a congenial air.

But meeting a cat for the first time? Or a pup? Oh sweet squeaky toy, things are different. There's probably some selfie taking, maybe some "who's a good boy?"-ing, and a promise that we'll find them a treat.

Such behavior would raise an eyebrow in human-to-human circles, but not when we fall for a feline or Fido, especially a feline or Fido who happens to be without a permanent address. The "who's a good boy?"-ing usually begins, in earnest, at high volume.

And there shall be many such cuties, well over one thousand, in fact, at Warner Park in Woodland Hills on Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20. 

That's when the Best Friends Animal Society's NKLA Super Adoption takes place, and "Super" is a super-big part of its name and what it does: Place an impressive number of home-needing animals with people ready to care for them, in all the ways, from their diet to their dental needs to their mental stimulation to their comfort and happiness.

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The event, which is presented by BOBS from SKECHERS, is free to enter and "(a)doptions start at just $10!" That's absolutely ear-scratch-able news, and hardly anyone would argue with that observation.

Other items from the weekend that are worth a joyful bark or a Frisbee catch or a scratch behind the ear?

"All pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped" for starters (and that's all major, major stuff). Also, "pet goodies" will be presented to those who adopt, and, yep, that's a "while supplies last" kind of thing.

And food trucks? They'll be nearby, so you can spend all day long, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., meeting furry, lap-ready pumpkins, and you won't even need to leave Warner Park for a quick nosh break.

And when you're not meeting all of those babies and seniors and dogs and cats trotting through the middle years, you can stroll among the vendors, who shall be purveying in all sorts of pet-focused goods.

Worth a woof and a meow? You bet. We suggested, early on, that you might fall for all 1,000 sweethearts at the NKLA Super Adoption, which is likely impossible, given the short weekend-long window.

But falling for the overall idea of a super adoption? And how many animals are placed during the event? Yes, that's easy, and a notion that is quite deserving of some love. 

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