Fanciful Flapjacks Sweeten the SoCal Breakfast Scene

The Insane Double Stack Rainbow Pancakes are now upping the general whimsy at Sugar Factory American Brasserie.

Sugar Factory American Brasserie

What to Know

  • Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Westfield Century City
  • $23
  • If Sept. 26 or 27 is your birthday, you'll receive a free order in honor of National Pancake Day (which is Sept. 26). Reservations are a must.

The rainbows we summon at the breakfast table tend to be the ones we're describing from dreams.

Because breakfast? It's the meal that arrives just after we've exited our nighttime dreaming state, making it a dining experience that has an ethereal side.

And yet, our morningtime foodstuffs don't always reflect our newly awake post-dream world.

They can be filling, and tasty, and give us get-up-and-go, but rarely do they capture the quirkiness of our morning mood, our sleepy state, and the dream plots we're trying to recall.

Sugar Factory American Brasserie, the countrywide, fun-food restaurant outfit, has met this merry challenge, of matching a breakfast goodie with a dining experience that follows our overnight REM-ing.

The result? It's the Insane Double Stack Rainbow Pancakes, and it just made its eye-catching arrival at the Century City location, which is also known for sliders with colorful buns and several other panache-filled plates.

What can you expect from the slightly surreal stack, which is priced at $23?

Start dreaming now of pancakes lush with "... warm maple syrup, powdered sugar, butter and topped with chocolate chips, gummy bears, strawberries and whipped cream with rainbow sprinkles."

It's a daily offering on the menu, but here's a tempting twist: To celebrate National Pancake Day on Sept. 26, Sugar Factory American Brasserie will present a complimentary order of pretty pancakes to diners having a birthday on Sept. 26 or 27.

Be prepared to show identification, to show you're a birthday-haver over the final weekend of September, and prepare to savor a photo-wowza pancake fantasy. (Oh, yes, and make a reservation, too.)

Good to know? Quantities of the playful pancakes are limited, and reservations are very much encouraged, whatever day it is.

Also solid info? The fun flapjacks are part of a new breakfast line-up, which also includes an eggs Benedict, crispy chicken and waffle sandwich, and a donut burger, too.

Oh yes, new blended coffee beverages are on the menu, as is avocado toast and a host of other savory and sweet staples.

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