Fang-tastic: Spider Pavilion Just Released More Tickets

The Natural History Museum's annual outdoor exhibition booked up fast, but some new slots just opened.

Spider Pavilion

What to Know

  • Through Nov. 29
  • New tickets were released on Nov. 2
  • $6 per person, free to NHMLAC members

Just because Halloween is over with doesn't mean that some of the best-known iconography associated with the occasion has to scurry away.

In fact, those most celebrated of scurriers, the spider, holds eight-legged sway throughout the calendar.

Coming across a small and swiftly moving critter on a walk or inside your home can happen at any point of the year, an experience we all know and often remember.

Of course, it is around autumn when our thoughts grow webby, thanks to the fact that so many silky threads pop up around our Southern California neighborhoods as fall approaches.

And, yes: Halloween brings out the spidery fun in decorations, costumes, and movies, too.

And adding to the arachnid atmosphere? The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County always gets into the spider-tastic swing of things, thanks to its annual Spider Pavilion.

The outdoor, walk-through space, which puts visitors near but not especially close to the resident spiders, did open in 2020, but here's something that is not a surprise: Tickets went as fast as a spider crawls across a wall.

Here's sweet (and not spooky) news, though: The museum just released several more tickets for slots running through to the end of the pavilion's engagement.

The ticket announcement was made on Nov. 2, so you have time if you'd like to see the itsy-bitsy superstars before the pavilion shudders, er, shutters on Nov. 29, 2020.

Fabulous webs will be on view, including some that can span up to "three meters in diameter," and plenty of learning moments, given the educational nature of the space.

Note that the Natural History Museum's indoor spaces remain temporarily closed.

Fangs so much, Natural History Museum, for a fang-tastic way to get to know the ever-helpful, so-important spider brigade.

Note face coverings, limited capacity, and other safety protocols are part of the exhibition.

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