Fans to Bid on the Largest-Ever Spider-Man Comic Collection

Over 2,000 issues, amassed by a single collector, will be a centerpiece of The Pop Culture Auction at Van Eaton Galleries in October.

Van Eaton Galleries

What to Know

  • The Pop Culture Auction at Van Eaton Galleries and Auctions in Studio City
  • Oct. 8, 2022
  • The single collection, which features over 2,000 Spider-Man comic books, will be on the block

Are there more web remnants dangling from the sides of New York City's skyscrapers or more comic books in the collection going to auction at Van Eaton Galleries in October 2022?

That's hard to state — after all, Spider-Man slings a lot of webs as he moves among the buildings, chasing various villains — but there are literally thousands of Spidey tomes going on the block at the auction house's Pop Culture Auction on Saturday, Oct. 8.

They're all part of a single grouping, a treasure trove that the Van Eaton Galleries team describes as "the most comprehensive and largest single lot Spider-Man comic book collection ever."

The incredible, decades-spanning assemblage is "... the extensive life’s work of one passionate Spider-man collector, who collected almost every comic book with a Spider-man appearance from Amazing Fantasy# 15 in 1962 through 2005," shares the auction house.

Over 2,000 individual issues, including rare books (featuring promotional tie-ins), stories introducing famous baddies like the original Green Goblin, and other genre-changing gems, prized items that are highly coveted in the comics-collecting community, will be included.

Some of the more unusual offerings in the collection "mostly fall outside of accepted canon," shares the team, "... but represent some of the least known corners of the Marvel Multiverse and serve as extremely rare and valued advertising collectibles."

Peter Parker people, best prepare yourselves: This will be a big event in the realm of serious Spideydom, drawing Marvel mavens from around Southern California and far beyond.

"This is an incredible collection," says gallery owner Mike Van Eaton.

"We have seen many of these comics sold individually, but I have never seen such a complete collection offered for sale."

"Offering an entire collection of over 2000 comic books in a single lot is rare, but, we did not see how we could break up this incredible tribute to one of the greatest comic superheroes of all time."

To review this extensive lot, and learn more about what is included, visit the Van Eaton Galleries site now.

Also good to note? The auction house recently moved from Sherman Oaks to a new location in Studio City.

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