Farrell's Ice Cream Hosts a Yard Sale

Shop for Victorian-style fixtures and more, in Buena Park.

The notion of a yard sale (or garage sale or curb sale or whatever regional term you prefer) is one that's long been tied to places that traditionally have a yard and/or garage: our homes.

But businesses, including those outfits without yards or house-style garages, sometimes get into the tag sale act, the better to clear some items out of storage (and give fans of the business a crack at owning some harder-to-find stuff).

Look to the hotel yard sales that have sprung up around Los Angeles in recent years — Hotel Figueroa is a recent example — and look to the historic Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena, which set out a number of cinema-themed goods at its yard sale earlier in August.

Next up? Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour in Buena Park. Nope, the treat-filled old-timey restaurant is not closing (though the Farrell's in Sacramento recently did), but it does have a number of stained-glass lamps, memorabilia related to the restaurant, and other bits and bobs to put on the sale tables. 

Those bits and bobs include "restaurant necessities" and "table caddies" in addition to the Farrell's-themed things. 

Sale's on through noon on Tuesday, Aug. 30, and here's a bonus: If you buy something you'll score a free sundae. So prepare to leave with a fun find and a chocolate-y dose of hot fudge to lend your Tuesday some weekend-style cheer.

What classic business will be next to go the yard sale route, to the delight of longtime fans? Your favorite place may soon clear the storage room, and you may score something nifty.

But will Farrell's be selling any of its boater hats? A dream find for any fan, for sure.

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