‘Fast Times' Fest at The Wiltern

Fans'll gather to raise a slice to a seminal '80s California comedy.

It's difficult to quibble over the fact that Los Angeles had a major moment, film-wise, in the 1980s.

There was dystopian, rainy-night LA, courtesy of "Blade Runner," there was I'll-be-backian LA, thanks to "The Terminator," there was time-travel-y San Dimas, due to "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," and there was yippee-ki-yay LA, in none other but "Die Hard."

But many a film goer might count "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" as nearest to their own kooky life experiences, in many ways. The mall, school, hanging out, the always desired "tasty waves," and the curling-iron'd, Van-tastic high jinks of Los Angeles youth rang true with many a fan then and now.

And many a fan will be out at The Wiltern Theatre to pay homage to one of the seminal Southern California teen flicks on Saturday, Jan. 23 when the "Fast Times Fest" hangs ten for the Wilshire Boulevard landmark.

Yeah, like, for sure, The Wiltern's a few miles from the beach, but count on a screening of the 1982 movie as well as attendees to be in their favorite food court-ready wear or board shorts and Spicoli-style ponchos. 

But how tubular is your local's knowledge of the location? Yep, Sherman Oaks Galleria was immortalized in "Fast Times," as was Santa Monica Place. Van Nuys High School, and Canoga Park High School, too, cameo as Ridgemont High, while the Encino Little League Fields pop along the way.

It's extravagantly '80s in vibe and tone, thanks in large part to writer Cameron Crowe and director Amy Heckerling, who both possessed a knack for reading the current cultural weather. And it's so SoCal in its lingo and dress code and attitude, or at least it served up a singular slice of SoCal that existed for many locals back in '82.

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