Fatburger Starts the New Year With a Free Delivery Deal

But only for a limited time, and only through the Fatburger site.


What to Know

  • Free delivery when you order through Fatburger Digital Ordering (participating locations only)
  • Through Jan. 5, 2022
  • Classics include Original Fatburger, 1000 Island Fatburger, Veggieburger, and those famous, nicely crispy Onion Rings

If you just tore the shrinkwrap from your brand-new calendar, and performed a cursory flip through the pages, you likely saw that the word "burger" appeared throughout the coming year.

That is, if you bought a calendar that covers national food holidays. For the bun-and-meat (or veggie patty) icon?

It has several of its very own, super-special days, including a whole month devoted to burger-y bliss (that would be May, National Burger Month).

Even cities throw their own burger-oriented events, like Pasadena, which has its own Cheeseburger Week in late January.

But before all of that can happen, there is a delish deal at your local Fatburger, one that is sizzling through Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022.

And it is this: If you place an order through Fatburger Digital Ordering (so, yep, the company's own site), you'll receive free delivery.

Call it a "happy new year" wish from the LA-founded company, restaurants that have kept the griddles hot and onion rings crispy since the late 1940s.

Be sure to check and make sure the location you want to order from is participating, for some may still have delivery fees through Jan. 5.

Also? This deal does not include third-party delivery services, so be sure to place your order through the Fatburger site.

So what tempts you? What will you get, all while enjoying free delivery?

A Veggieburger, a Chili Cheese Dog, Sweet Potato Fries? Find something to munch as you peruse your new calendar, and all of the food days it lists, including, we are sure, many devoted to the burger, in all of this savory, cheese-melty, condiment-topped forms.

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