Festive Decor: A Lovely Lighthouse Shines

Point Fermin invites the public to come admire its bows and boughs.

Your friends with a December birthday will likely have something of an awesome sense of humor about their birthday landing plunk in the hectic month, what with all of the office parties and vacations and family get-togethers and what-not.

Or perhaps it's you with the 12-month birthday. If it is, dear December bambino, we do doff our hat to you, for making both your annual life anniversary and the go-go-go holiday season work in concert so very well.

And we recommend, for inspiration and cheer, that you look to Point Fermin Lighthouse, a San Pedro landmark that is rather further along in its time arc than any human can currently claim.

Why look to Point Fermin on the December birthday issue? Why, it's birthday is December, right smack dab in the middle, on the 15th. As for the number of years it has spent lighting up the coast, or providing local history, or serving as an elegant bridge to the 1800s? It's turning 141 in San Pedro, so let's call it, with admiration, one of Southern California's 19th-century jewels.

But a Saturday celebration will put the pine-scented emphasis on the season. The Victorian structure is opening to visitors, as it usually does on Saturday -- it's open for a few hours each afternoon every Tuesday through Sunday, in fact -- though with a holiday twist. Boughs and bows and such will dot the Stick-Style building, making it look, more than ever, like a painting from the cover of a cozy, fireside novel.

The Point Fermin Lighthouse seasonal open house twinkles on Saturday, Dec. 12 from 1:30 to 3 o'clock. Yes, it shall be done up in Christmas finery, and, for sure, there will be carolers.

Oh, and tours, too, if you want a peek around the grand, Pacific-important place. "Pacific-important" isn't just window-dressing; like the light-important piles dotting the California coast, Point Fermin helped guide many a ship in over the years.

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It's another testament to the fact that December may be busy, but having a birthday and a holiday celebration in the same week can be done, with style. Point Fermin is a testament to that, so happy season, sweet old lighthouse, and happy 141 years, too.

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